The Clean Coasts programme engages communities in the protection of Ireland's beaches, seas and marine life through

1. Clean Coasts Volunteers 

Engaging local coastal communities in the protection of their coast. There are 400 groups taking part. To register as a Clean Coasts Group click here.

 2. Green Coast Award

Prestigious award for beaches that have excellent water quality & sound environmental management but do not necessarily have the built infrastructure required for Blue Flag status.


The Clean Coasts Symposium will bring together key stakeholders (ROI &NI) in the area of marine litter such as coastal communities, policy-makers, NGOs, tourism bodies, the science community, plastics industry and the fishing industry. 

Ireland’s Ocean Heroes were recognised at the symposium with 8 awards being presented to Clean Coasts groups and individuals for their extraordinary efforts in protecting our oceans. 

See full list of winners of the Ocean Hero Awards 2014  here